Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A small update on the NWC-project...

Christmas time is building time! ;)

-The tailplane moulds has been made, and the top skins of the tailplanes is curing under vacuum. Tonight I`m going to make the bottom skins, and in a couple of days the halves will be joined and hopefully a nice light and strong tail will come out of the moulds. The layup is 58g glass at 45 degrees, 0,6mm balsa and 25g glass. There is also some local reinforcements with 61g kevlar in the roots and a patch of 93g carbon in the rudder. The sparcaps are UHM rowings. The paint is Vorgelat.
One of the positives still attached to a mould halve.

Nice shine, but still not polished. The white stuff is dust...
The positives just removed, the moulds needs some cleaning up.


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