Sunday, January 11, 2009

Been working on the joiner positive and made the drawing for the fuselage.

The joiner positive is almost finished. It`s been a real test of my hand working skills. I`ve used a digital caliper and a micrometer to make sure that it is accurate to 0.1mm all over. Very time consuming.. -The dihederal was made with an analogue inclinometer to 5 degrees. This was later tested to 5.2 degrees with a digital inclinometer. 0.1 degree extra per side should not matter. The positive is made by covering a very accurate balsa core with glass fiber plate.

-I`ve also finished the drawing for the fuselage positive, It will be very minimalist with a few innovations. Worth mentioning is a new easier way of loading ballast and a triangular tailboom with the wide part on the topside to resist compression when pulling up in the turn. The plane will also feature "pull for up" -The next days will be spent making a lot of templates and laminating the balsa for the positive. There will be a 10mm carbon rod in the center to prevent the positive from warping.


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