Monday, February 02, 2009

Just a small update about the progress so far...

I`ve just gave a go for Bodo Landeck to order the materials for the wing positives , and start milling as soon as he can find time for it. The positives will be milled in a material called Ebaboard 60. The positives will be backed by a steel frame made from 30x30mm. square steel tubing. This is to prevent them from warping...

My intention at first was to use a material called Neucron 1001. This is a directly polishable material, that would have saved alot of work. The reason for not chosing this material is that the boards are only 1200mm. long and needs to be glued together to make a long enough board for the positives. This will create a join line in the surface that will show on the finished mould. I`ve had bad luck in the past trying to polish away imperfections in a mould... The Neucron is also very heavy and expensive. Beeing a student, cost is an issue.

The Ebaboard 60 needs to be painted with 2k acrylic paint and polished before moulding. This is a problem, because 2k. acrylic is illegal in Norway and really hard to get by. If anyone of you know how to get hold of some, please drop me a line at: -On the other side, the ebaboard is cheaper and alot lighter... -As soon as Bodo starts to mill and send me some pictures, I will post them here.


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