Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The work continues....

The wing to fuselage connection is finished and hopefully straight in all axes, and with the correct incidence... Now it`s just several evenings of sanding and filling, before final paint can be applied.

I`ve also made the centering pins for the wings and cut the hingelines. The hingeline was done with a long steelruler taped to the wingpanel, and cut using a Dremel with a cut off disk by freehand. Hinges and cutline turned out great! I also discovered another of those prototype OPS!!... The spar forward of the aileron was a bit too far back towards the aileron hingeline. I didn`t take enough headroom for the carbon sock being more compressed towards the tip... This leads to just a small amount of room for the gapseal, about 3mm. Probably cost me 2% in drag, or a bit decreased aileron throw. No biggie..
Documentation starts December 2008.....


Blogger Attila said...

Way to go dude !!! I'm happy I only took a 1.5 meter project !! :-) My first mold is ready and things are speeding up... Regards Attila

4:25 AM  

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