Friday, July 24, 2009

The moulds are painted....

I painted the wingmoulds Wednesday evening.... On thing is for sure: -This is the last time ever I use Vorgelat!!!! -I made a complete mess out of the paint job! First of all I got alot of fisheyes on the parts that was painted with white Vorgelat. The red and black did not seem to suffer from this somehow... I also got some problems with the masking film I used, as the acetone used for thining attacked it and made it almost impossible to remove from the mould in one piece. In the end I managed to remove it all, with some spilling of black Vorgelat where it was supposed to be white. When I was ready for the final coat, my AX filter ran out and I experienced break through of acetone and styrene vapours. Not good.. To top it all I got problems with the air connector on my paint gun and ended up with a good 10min. of inhaling of vapours and started to feel a bit unwell...

-The next day I felt a bit hung over from the exposure, but I`m ok now...

The finish of my first wing will not be as great as I hoped, but I have done some touch up on the fisheyes.

From now on there will only be 2k. paint for me.. -I liked the ability to paint the moulds, and then wait months before layup with the Vorgelat, but its not worth killing myself in doing.

Layup of the first wing skin will start tomorrow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes painting is a learning experience.

re>time wait for 2k paint
Chetsomachine on rcg suggested that from his experience 2k paint can be left for a time. The paint will need a wipe of acetone before molding.

A chemist friend (David H)suggests the difficulty with 2k is the silicones it contains to make it flow when painting an external surface and that acetone will remove this.

I use the wipe with acetone method on parts that have been painted in 2k up to 2 months previously and get adhesion to the epoxy. The only concern has been small specks of dust get dislodged and remove little flecks of paint.

cheers jeff

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