Monday, August 03, 2009

First winghalf joined..... :P

Too much???

I joined the first winghalf tonight. So now we have to wait 2-3 days before I open the mould. I`m very excited to see how the finish and stiffness is... I`m also a bit nerve wrecked, as I managed to cut through the top skin when I made the slot for the sparcap. The chisel hooked on a lump of epoxy that had seeped through a tiny hole in the Herex.. Hope I didn`t damage the mould... We will see...

You can write down your guess on the weight of the finished wing panel on the rcgroups thread located here

I need to mould the topskin for the other panel, but have to wait with it until I can get hold of more foam rollers.. All the shops here in Tromsø seems to be out of them. I guess we don`t need to wonder where John Rasmussen is spending his holiday any more... (Joke, John is a part of the excellent Spline team...)

Now I`m going to get some sleep... (like that will ever happen.... :D )


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