Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joiner mould.

Here one can clearly see the 3mm plexi plate mounted under the joiner postive, this is used as a positive for the compression tab.

Just finished one half of the joiner mould. Th mould is made with a Poraver back filling. First time I`ve done the fiberglass layers on top of the Poraver in one go, just after adding the Poraver. I don`t recommend this.... It was really messy..
The layup is:

- 2 layers mould gelcoat F200.
- A coupling layer of epoxy, milled glassfiber and cotton flock.
-1 layer 110g glass.
-1 layer 163g glass.
-3 layers 280g glass.
-2 cm.Poraver.
-3 layers 280g glass.
-1 layer 163g glass.

In a couple of days I will remove the parting board, and clean up this part making it ready for moulding the other half in the same way as the first one.

-The mould is made with a compression tab, just like most professional joiner moulds are made. (I.E not split down the middle of the joiner.) -This demands that the side walls of the joiner is completely straight, with no undercuts. If not, the joiner would be extremly hard to remove from the mould. We will see...


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