Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A major setback.... :(


I hate paint!! :( -The troubles that have been haunting me the most on this project have all had to do with paint... The good part is that the fuselage positive is finally painted... But it has been a long journey to get there, as the fuselage filler cracked 3 times due to excesive sanding of the underlaying fiberglass surface. (sanding into the wood.)

After having alot of troubles with Vorgelat, I switched to Standofleet 2k. paint. This product create a marvelous finsih! The only problem is that the hardener contains isocyanates which a standard respirator does not provide enough protection against. I`m saving up for a Hobbyair 2 fullface respirator with external air supply. Until I can afford one, this project is a bit on hold. If anyone of you should want to see this project flying in Vikingrace 2010, please feel free to support me. (my email is f3x(a)hotmail.com Sometimes I wish the team that has helped me with this project lived closer to me, as I could also have needed some help during building, and support to keep my motivation up...

Kjell Sture Johansen


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