Friday, April 09, 2010

Finally progress... :D

After spending some time in "burn out mode" the project is finally back on track again. During the last few days I`ve done alot of work, and I`m getting closer to making the fuselage mould. I`ve received a fresh air supplied respirator mask (HobbyAir 2), so now I can paint with 2k. urethanes without fear. I`ve also bought a new paint gun, a Porter-Cable PSH2. This gun is very close to the SATA mini Jet, but alot cheaper. I`ve also got a new vacuum pump, a Thomas Kolben Pumpe that I picked up from Ebay.

The parting board for the fuselage is also almost ready. I managed to damage the surface finish on the fuselage postive when I filled the void between the positive and the partingboard with Bondo, as I manged to pull off a chip of paint. This has been repared and the positive will receive another surface coat tonight.

I`ve also mounted some inlays for the servo hatches in the wing moulds. The moulds are ready waxed and I`m ready to start making another wing next weekend. This wing will have a 160g/dm2 carbon skin and an UHM spar. Hopefully I will have a NWC ready for Viking Race 2010.

Project documentation starts December 2008.....


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