Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some small parts, project almost complete!

I`ve made a canopy and tailcone/lid. Extremely happy with how these turned out!

The first fuselage is also in the mould, curing. -This was made without vacuum and without the shearweb in the boom. This was done to save time as I`m soon leaving for a 46 day UAV field campaign on Greenland (Summit) and I would like to test the Wild Card before leaving. I`m not expecting perfect finish on this part, as the fuselagemould is really not designed for wet-seaming of the halves. We will see when I open the mould later today. The layup is as follows:

- 2k paint.
- Thickened epoxy in edges
- 12k carbon rowing around wing connection
- A complete layer of 49g/dm2 fibreglass
- A complete layer of 110g/dm2 fibreglass @ 45 degrees
- Dobler from nose to right behind the wing 110g/dm2 @ 45 degrees
- Kevlar rowing around canopy opening.
- Dobler in nose to right behind canopy opening 105g/dm2 kevlar
- Four lenghts of UMS carbon rowing per side in the tailboom.
- Two complete layers of 100g/dm2 Uni HM carbon from rear canopy to tail.
- One layer of 160g/dm2 carbon @ 45 degrees from rear canopy to right behind the wing.
- Dobbler in nose 110g/dm2 glass @ 90 degrees.
- One complete layer of 110g/dm2 fibreglass @ 90 degrees for joining.

Complex? - Yes
Overkill? - Maybe...
Heavy? - Most probably!

Will know in a few hours..


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