Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tailplane fitting.

Just finished gluing the tailplane seating in place. Spent 9 hours over 2 days to make the jigs for 2 glue joints that took me 10min!!! -Did a small mistake with the carbon plate that holds the two steel joiner rods in the correct place. The result was a night with little sleep and a lot of thinking... :( -In the end the tailplane mount got 3mm. slimmer. This should not matter as long as I can fit the linkages inside. The angles in all 5 axes was checked with a digital inclinometer. The V-angle between the halves is 103 degrees. Now I have to make the tail mount area pretty again... To quote my German friends: "spachteln und schleifen... und spachteln und schleifen..."

Project documentation starts at December 2008...


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