Sunday, March 29, 2009

First joiner, and some work done on the tail end.

Made a test joiner in fiberglass. The good thing is that the mould worked well... The bad thing is that I need to get alot better on making joiners. It had alot of air inclusions, but can probably be used to make joiner pockets... -I`ll have another go on a fiberglass one, before wasting carbon... :/

I have also started on the rough shaping of the tailplane mount. Making room for the "pull for up" linkages turned out to be difficult, because of my earlier error of making the space between the tailplane halves a bit too narrow, but it is possible, and the result will be a less bulky tail mount. I also got inspired by our Danish friends ( to make the tailplane edges follow the curvature of the fuselage to prevent air spilling over the elevator edges. This also proved to be a bit of a challenge. But that is why we like this hobby, right?


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