Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally an update again.

There has been done alot of work since last update... And I`ll never complain about the cost of a mouldie again...

The steelframes for the moulds are ready thanks to Andreas`s great welding skills.. :) -Then my father drove 600km. to pick up me and the wing postives in Tromsø. We drove the 600km back to Lofoten the next day. Yikes!

The first week was spendt sandig of the light marks from the mill. I used 400 to 800 grade sandpaper on a big block. The sanding is just slight, and it doesent hurt the airfoil accuracy, as you will add about the same in paint later. I also had alot of trouble to find a place to paint the positives, and was almost thinking of just painting them outside.. -Then a friend of my father tiped me about a retired car painter who had a small professional paint shop next to his home. His name is Kjell Moe ,and he offered to help out. -Last night we primed the positives, and I have wet sanded the positives with 800 and 1200 grit sandpaper today. We will paint the positives with a special 2k. PU paint on friday.

I have also made my first carbon joiner. Its in UMS with depron cores, and is super stiff at a weight of 120g, which I hope will go down to 80g with experience. But I`m happy with it, as alot of production joiners weigh the same.

At the same time, I`ve bagged 2 disser DLG wings for this season, as I`m a bit hooked on the DLG thing also.... Damn hobby! :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good Kjell,
You seem to be doing an awesome job.
Keep the good work.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Kjell Sture Johansen said...

Thanks Francois, couldn`t have done it without your help... :)

1:29 PM  

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