Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today I`m very happy!

Today UPS dropped a large and heavy package from Germany at my front door. - As you might have guessed it contained the wing positives from Bodo. On the outside the package looked like it had passed a war zone on its way up here. But Bodo`s clever use of a Epp crate (Maybe you should patent those?) saved my positives, and they arrived in perfect condition. Bodo has done a great job with the milling, and the surface finish was even better than I had expected. So there is not much sanding to do before I can apply the paint layer. Another cool thing was that my handmade joiner fitted perfectly!!! (That must be quite a bit of luck...)

Today a friend from work, Andreas, is going to weld the steelframes for the positives. Tak & Metall here in Tromsø was very kind to give me a really nice deal on the steel, and the also helped me get it cutted to right lengths for welding. Thanks alot, I really appreciate the help guys!


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