Monday, April 20, 2009

The positives are finish painted... :)

Just collected the positives at the car painter. They have been sitting there over the weekend to harden, after I finished painting them on friday. The finish is already really good, except for a few small spots were some dust is stuck. But that is easy corrected. Now they are going to be left untouched for a couple of days more before I start carefully to wet sand them with 1200 to 2500 grit. After that they will be polished to perfection with two different 3M perfect-it III polishing pastes . Then I`ll start waxing with PAT921. After that I have to go back to Tromsø to have my last exams ever at law school!!! I finish this christmas! YEEEHA!!!! -When I can find time to do the moulds, I`m not sure. It depends on how much UAV activity there will be this summer. As some of you know, I`m a part time UAV test-pilot at Norut (Link)

I`ve also attached a picture of one of my DLG wings which I pulled from the bag today. Their weight was 135g. for both panels including paint. I`m happy with that! This is with 58g/dm2 glass skins with 49g/dm2 doblers on the flaperons. I`m looking forward to flying some DLG competitions this summer.



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