Monday, June 15, 2009

Some small parts...

I`ve made some small parts for the first NWC. One 15mm. ballast tube for the wings, and the joiner pockets. I have also started on the shear webs. These will be made from vertical grain balsa laminated in vacuum with 105g/dm fiberglass at 45 degrees. I probably should have used carbon, but I`m out of it for the moment. The balsa is weighted and oriented with the heaviest pieces close to the wing root side, to keep weight out of the tips.

The bottom moulds are cleaned up and are receiving wax at the momement. I`m happy with their quality, but the gelcoat has got some slight discolorations that may come from me not stiring the can before mixing. I`m not sure of this, as there has been some reports about bad batches with this particular gelcoat... Anyway the finish on the moulds turned out more than good enough for making planes for myself, and probably for production too. Altough not up to Jaro Mullers standard. (Not many can build to his standard..)

In two weeks I`ll make the top moulds, and hope they turn out just perfect. I`m going to use the same gelcoat, as I didn`t manage to get hold of the Ebalta OH 33 I was going to try in such a short timeframe. Tomorrow I`m going to finish the plates for the shear webs and make the fuselage ballast tube.


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