Friday, June 05, 2009

The bottom wingmoulds lay up is done! :D

Putting on a layer of mould gelcoat.
F200 for the mould surface, and F260 for the edges.
My cusin, Kenneth. He is now a well educated composite worker. ;)
First layers, plus coupling layer laid down.
411g Carbon makes expensive, but light moulds...
The last layer is in, time is 00.30
What a mess!

Last night the layup for the two bottom wing halves was done. I was lucky enough to get help from my cusin, who is an aircraft mecanic and a ROV-pilot. He got his hands wet in epoxy for the first time, but did a great job! Thanks alot Kenneth!

The layup of the two halves took us 17 hours! -My back is a bit painfull today. Guess I have found some new muscles..

The layup is as follows:

-2 layers of mould epoxy.
-Coupling layer.
-1 layer of 110g fiberglass.
-1 layer of 280g fiberglass.
-1 layer of 390g fiberglass.
-1 layer of 580g fiberglass.
-1 layer of 411g carbon @ 45 degrees.
-1 layer of 390g fiberglass.
-1 layer of 280g fiberglass.

-3,6kg epoxy and 2kg mould resin was used for the two halves.

The following was learned:

-Laying down all those layers was a pain!
-The 390g fiberglass was hard to wet out, beacause of being thightly wowen.
-The 580g fiberglass was just a mess, fraying, and epoxy sucking!
-The 411g carbon was beautiful working with, I recommend it!!!

Today I will mount a 30x30mm. steeltubing lengthwise on the backside of each mouldhlave, and a crossing wall in the middle of the mouldhalve to make it even more rigid.

The mouldhalves will be opened on Sunday. I`m keeping my fingers crossed!!! :)



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