Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wingmoulds are finished! :D :D :D

Sorry for not updating much lately... I `ve been traveling with my UAV summer jobb, and also been to a week of F3F competition in the beautiful Lofoten area. I will post some pictures on RcGroups when I can find the time for it. It would have been great if we could get some foreign competitors visiting next year.. :)

But at the same time I`ve managed to finish the two top wingmoulds with the help of my magnificent girlfriend. I could not have done this without you! Thanks Annette! (She spent 16hours laminating the moulds with me, and I did not hear her complain once!!)

-The moulds came out really nice, and with even better finish than the bottom moulds, thanks to a tip I got from the Spline guys about stiring the F200 gelcoat the night before layup.

Now I`m just waiting for the AX filters and matching respirator to arrive, so that I can start to paint the moulds with Vorgelat. -To all you guys using Vorgelat, and thining with acetone: Regular A/A2 filters does nothing against the acetone vapors, as acetone have a boiling point bellow 65 degrees celsius. Please use AX filters, as they are rated for solvents with a boiling point bellow 65 degrees.

I`m so excited about starting to build the first wing. That is the job that excites me the most when making moulded gliders.. Pulling the first wing from a new mould is like being eight years on christmas eve again.. :P

And btw, thanks to all of you that has sent me emails supporting my project, it makes it easier to keep going.

Project documentation starts at December 2008!!!!


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