Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not much updates lately...

There has not been a lot of updates lately.... This is mostly because of the fact that I`m having my final exams at law-school. -The other reason is that the positives are with my parents, and they live 600km. south of Tromsø. -After my exams I`m going to start working with UAVs again. Looking forward to that, but this means that there will also be less time for the project. The good thing is that I have one week of holiday comming up at the start of July. Then I will go back and start making the wing moulds. I`m going to try to make some tail sets in the mean time.

For now, here is a pic of me and my girlfriend doing some polishing, trying to get that Slovak finish... I`m also flying alot of DLG for the moment, too bad I`m the only one here who has discovered this part of our great sport. The picture is taken by my girlfriend with her Nikon D40 and a 50-200mm. F:3,5-4,5VR lens.


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