Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wild Card prototype nr 1 is ready!

The first Wild Card fuselage was pulled out of the mould today. This was the last part needed to complete the first Wild Card prototype. Finish is better than I had hoped for, with just some minor bubbles around the join line. The next fuselage will be made with vacuum. The weight of this fuselage is 260g and it has got the stiffest tailboom I ever have tried to flex on a F3F model.. Total weight for the complete, but empty Wild Card is 1526g. I`m very happy with that! Now I just need to get the servos mounted, and hopefully the maiden will be this weekend. When I first put all the parts together it was an amazing rush which made all the hard work worth it. Looking forward to maiden flight now...

As Bodo Landeck once said: Some dreams should come true!


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