Saturday, February 04, 2012

We have started a new blog

My girlfriend and I have started a new blog about our RC adventures. You can find it here:

Arctic Flight

A short update on the Wild Card project. So far two complete planes have been built and I`ve used them as my main competition planes for the last two seasons. They have have both worked well and several people have commented on the remarkably high speed they have entering the course.

The Wild Card is also a very friendly plane to pilot, with no bad habbits. On the other hand, all planes are a compromise and the high top speed and thin airfoil leads to a plane that is hard to ballast correctly, and if one overpulls during a turn, it is easy to kill energy.
But I`m overall happy with the design and I ended up as number 10 out of twenty something at the Norwegian Championships last year. Wild Card number three is soon to pop out of the moulds, and I`m working on a two meter version.

Kjell Sture.


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