Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Major update! :D

Haven`t had time writing much on the blog since I`ve been way to busy working on the project the last three weeks. The plan was to have two Wild Cards ready for Viking Race 2010. After three weeks of 14 hour days and at the same time preparing for a UAV campaign on Greenland this summer, I have to say that this is not going to happen... The positive thing is that all the Wild Card moulds will be ready before I leave for France. As I still have a Dingo to get ready and testfly before VKR (I have one week) I don`t have time to write much about the work that has been done, but here is a quick list of the work so far:

- New V-tail with 2k paint. Weight: 36g per side, STIFF!, and no fisheyes.
-New bigger shearweb 35mm.-12mm. Vertical balsa with fiberglass@45 degrees.
-New wing almost ready for joining. (160g carbon skins and UHM spar)
-New UHM joiner
-Bigger ballastubes
-Canopy mould.
-One side of the fuselage mould.
-Shearweb for tailboom
-Joiner pockets.

Updates to follow after VKR2010

Maiden is getting closer... :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Finally progress... :D

After spending some time in "burn out mode" the project is finally back on track again. During the last few days I`ve done alot of work, and I`m getting closer to making the fuselage mould. I`ve received a fresh air supplied respirator mask (HobbyAir 2), so now I can paint with 2k. urethanes without fear. I`ve also bought a new paint gun, a Porter-Cable PSH2. This gun is very close to the SATA mini Jet, but alot cheaper. I`ve also got a new vacuum pump, a Thomas Kolben Pumpe that I picked up from Ebay.

The parting board for the fuselage is also almost ready. I managed to damage the surface finish on the fuselage postive when I filled the void between the positive and the partingboard with Bondo, as I manged to pull off a chip of paint. This has been repared and the positive will receive another surface coat tonight.

I`ve also mounted some inlays for the servo hatches in the wing moulds. The moulds are ready waxed and I`m ready to start making another wing next weekend. This wing will have a 160g/dm2 carbon skin and an UHM spar. Hopefully I will have a NWC ready for Viking Race 2010.

Project documentation starts December 2008.....