Sunday, March 29, 2009

How the finished NWC is going to look like...

Above is the 3-plan view of the NWC, and it is the result of my lack of drawing skills.... But it will give you an idea of what the finished plane is going to look like.

Right now I`m spending alot of time making work flow charts and packing lists to have everything ready to travel to my parents in Lofoten as soon as I receive the positives from Bodo. The plan is to spend a month there to make the wing moulds. The days are going really slow and waiting for the postives is not fun at all, but they are in Oslo now, and moving slooowly up north...

I would also use the oportunity to say thanks to Francois Lorrain, Bodo Landeck and Dirk Pflug for helping out! These guys has spendt alot of hours to help me get the plane design just the way I want it. They have also done all they can to keep my costs as low as possible. Without them, this project would`nt have happened. Thanks alot guys!

Project documentation starts at december 2008.....

First joiner, and some work done on the tail end.

Made a test joiner in fiberglass. The good thing is that the mould worked well... The bad thing is that I need to get alot better on making joiners. It had alot of air inclusions, but can probably be used to make joiner pockets... -I`ll have another go on a fiberglass one, before wasting carbon... :/

I have also started on the rough shaping of the tailplane mount. Making room for the "pull for up" linkages turned out to be difficult, because of my earlier error of making the space between the tailplane halves a bit too narrow, but it is possible, and the result will be a less bulky tail mount. I also got inspired by our Danish friends ( to make the tailplane edges follow the curvature of the fuselage to prevent air spilling over the elevator edges. This also proved to be a bit of a challenge. But that is why we like this hobby, right?

Friday, March 20, 2009

The first two wing positives are ready!

Here are som pictures of the ready milled positives for left wing bottom, and right wing top. Looks like Bodo has done some really nice work! And this is going to be one sexy wing, thanks to Francois excellent CAD work. - The next two halves are being milled right now. The material is Ebaboard.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Right now the wing positives are being milled in Germany.

After alot of emailing back and forth with Bodo Landeck and Francois Lorrain, the files for the milling of the wing positives now are ready, and the first wing bottom and top are being milled.
After milling, the positives will be attached to steelframes made from 40x40mm square tubing. We still need to figure out how to ship them to Norway. One thing is fore sure, its not going to be cheap :( -The pictures show the postives during milling with 5 hours more to go before they are finished.

Project documentation starts at December 2008...