Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inner layer and sparcap in place.

Spent the afternoon adding the sparcap and inner layer. The sparcap is UHM carbon and the inner layer is 38g carbon "disser" -The sparcap is dimensioned for a 3,2m Europhia 2 F3B, so it should be strong enough for my 2,7m F3F model. Now I only need to repeat the prosess 3 times more, before I can assembly the wing... Hopefully it will be sorta light and STIFF! (and nice, with fisheyes and all... ;)

(Sorry for the blurred picture of the finished skin, my camera ran out of power, and I only had the cell phone to make the picture..)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

First wing skin is curing under vakuum.

Made the first wing skin this morning... The layup is 25g fiberglass/108g @45degrees/Herex. -I almost forgot the "abreissgewebe" for the hinges. -Tomorrow I will make the cutouts for the spar and hingelines, and add the sparcaps and inner layer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The moulds are painted....

I painted the wingmoulds Wednesday evening.... On thing is for sure: -This is the last time ever I use Vorgelat!!!! -I made a complete mess out of the paint job! First of all I got alot of fisheyes on the parts that was painted with white Vorgelat. The red and black did not seem to suffer from this somehow... I also got some problems with the masking film I used, as the acetone used for thining attacked it and made it almost impossible to remove from the mould in one piece. In the end I managed to remove it all, with some spilling of black Vorgelat where it was supposed to be white. When I was ready for the final coat, my AX filter ran out and I experienced break through of acetone and styrene vapours. Not good.. To top it all I got problems with the air connector on my paint gun and ended up with a good 10min. of inhaling of vapours and started to feel a bit unwell...

-The next day I felt a bit hung over from the exposure, but I`m ok now...

The finish of my first wing will not be as great as I hoped, but I have done some touch up on the fisheyes.

From now on there will only be 2k. paint for me.. -I liked the ability to paint the moulds, and then wait months before layup with the Vorgelat, but its not worth killing myself in doing.

Layup of the first wing skin will start tomorrow...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost ready for the first wing... :)

My respirator arrived today, and I`m almost finished with the waxing of the mould surfaces. The masking for painting is ready, and if the weather permits, the moulds will be painted with vorgelat on Wednesday.

The first wing will be a glass wing with "carbon disser" on the inside. -I have also cutted the UMS uni carbon for the wing spars. I can say one thing for sure, the wing spars is one expensive part of our aiframes, yikes!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wingmoulds are finished! :D :D :D

Sorry for not updating much lately... I `ve been traveling with my UAV summer jobb, and also been to a week of F3F competition in the beautiful Lofoten area. I will post some pictures on RcGroups when I can find the time for it. It would have been great if we could get some foreign competitors visiting next year.. :)

But at the same time I`ve managed to finish the two top wingmoulds with the help of my magnificent girlfriend. I could not have done this without you! Thanks Annette! (She spent 16hours laminating the moulds with me, and I did not hear her complain once!!)

-The moulds came out really nice, and with even better finish than the bottom moulds, thanks to a tip I got from the Spline guys about stiring the F200 gelcoat the night before layup.

Now I`m just waiting for the AX filters and matching respirator to arrive, so that I can start to paint the moulds with Vorgelat. -To all you guys using Vorgelat, and thining with acetone: Regular A/A2 filters does nothing against the acetone vapors, as acetone have a boiling point bellow 65 degrees celsius. Please use AX filters, as they are rated for solvents with a boiling point bellow 65 degrees.

I`m so excited about starting to build the first wing. That is the job that excites me the most when making moulded gliders.. Pulling the first wing from a new mould is like being eight years on christmas eve again.. :P

And btw, thanks to all of you that has sent me emails supporting my project, it makes it easier to keep going.

Project documentation starts at December 2008!!!!